Policies And Procedures

for Event, Wedding, and Party Equipment Rentals

Reserving Equipment

Early planning ensures product availability. A 25% deposit is required to reserve equipment. A deposit Is not a payment toward your rental fees. The deposit is security in case of cancellation, loss damage or late returns. Payment is expected in full 14 days prior to rental date.

Cancellation Charge

When a reservation is confirmed, all items are taken out of inventory and held for our clients event and as such are no longer available for rent on that date. Therefore a 25% cancellation charge will be imposed if the order is cancelled after reservation is made up until 14 days before rental date. At that time 100% cancellation charge will be enforced.

Delivery and Pick Up Service

Delivery and Pick Up service is available for all rentals. Prices are calculated based on location and dock to dock service. Additional charges apply to stairs, elevators and excessive distance for loading and unloading trucks. All items are to be delivered and picked up at a designated location. Standard delivery charge applies to our normal business hours. Additional charges will be applied for after hour requests. Clients may request a morning or an afternoon delivery or pick up. We try to accommodate all requests. Events that require exact time or extra time are subject to additional charges. The client should be available to count all items upon delivery and pick up. Otherwise the count will be considered accurate.

Set Up and Take Down of Rented Items

Rental items that require assembly such as tents, dance floor and staging usually include set up in the rental rate. Additional charges can apply to particularly difficult or unusual set ups that require extra time and/or labor. Set up and take down service is available for such items as tables and chairs for an additional fee. This service should be arranged in advance so that we can schedule labor and accurately quote a charge for this service.

Site Preparation

You should be certain that your site is ready for delivery and set up of rented equipment. Grass should be mowed in advance and vehicles should be moved from site. Valley Rentals offers free site evaluation. Please call in advance to make an appointment for one of our staff to meet with you and advise you of your options. The client is responsible for advising Valley Rentals of all underground utilities( i.e. gas lines, phone lines, irrigation systems, septic systems, etc.). Some equipment such as canopies must be staked down. All underground lines must be marked before installation can begin. The client assumes all responsibility for damage to underground utilities and systems. Call 811 prior to set up date. This is a free service. Someone will come out, locate, and mark all underground utilities for you. They require a minimum of 48 hour notice.

Computer Assisted Drawings

CAD drawings can be a valuable tool when planning an event. They take the guess work out of deciding on a floor plan. These drawings can be as simple as seeing how many tables and chairs will fit comfortably in a given area and increasing in complexity to the point of being able to take a virtual walk-thru of your event before the first table has been set up. Cost is determined by the complexity of the drawing and the amount of time required to produce them.

Returning Equipment

Dishes, flatware and serving pieces should be rinsed free of food and returned in the racks that you received them in. Linens should be shaken free of food and debris and should be allowed to dry before repacking. They can be returned on the hanger provided or in a box. Do not place in plastic bags. Damp linen will mildew quickly. Customers will be charged replacement cost on linen damage by but not limited to mildew, grease, burns and candle wax.

Customer Responsibility

The customer is responsible for equipment from the time of rental to the time of return. Equipment must be secure at all times and protected from the weather. When the equipment is delivered the customer assumes responsibility from the time of delivery until the time of pick up. Customer will be charged for repair or replacement cost of equipment that is damaged, lost or stolen while it is out on rental. Customer understands that tents are temporary structures designed to provide limited protection from weather conditions. However there are situations, especially those involving strong wind and lightening, in which tents will not provide protection and may even be damaged or blown over. Evacuation of tents to avoid possible injury is recommended when severe weather threatens. People must evacuate (and not seek shelter in) tents during such conditions. Client understands that it is customers responsibility to be aware of changing weather conditions and to exercise their best judgment with regard to the evacuation of tents.

All prices are subject to change without notice.